10 Talented Icelandic Beatmakers (Producers)


Behind every great rapper there is a sizable posse of sycophants and behind them there is a producer who is, in all likelihood, to blame for that rapper's popularity – and also the reason why said sycophants are loitering about in the first place.

As this is true in New York and Los Angeles and Detroit and elsewhere, it is also true in Iceland; rappers, like giant redwoods, stretch ever upwards in hopes of attracting the attention of the sun, while producers are left to languish in the cold shadow of their ambitions. 

Recognizing this, SKE has taken it upon itself to barber a few branches from the trunks of these egocentric emcees, so as to shine a well-deserved light upon some of the island's most talented producers (active today).

10. Helgi Ársæll

Alexander Jarl's go-to producer who is also responsible for Halelúja. 

Notable BeatsLáttu í friði, Púla Púla, Ekki testa ...


Whyrun is the producer behind two of Birnir's most popular tracks this year.

Notable Beats: Sama tíma, Gefðu mér einn, Ekki switcha ...

8. Helgi Sæmundur

One half of the Icelandic duo Úlfur Úlfur, Helgi Sæmundur is a double-threat, rapping and producing like Dre, Dilla, Cole, etc. 

Notable Beats: Mávar, Bróðir (co-prod Björn Valur), Geimvera ...

7. Aron Rafn & Jón Bjarni

Aron Rafn and Jón Bjarni are the production duo responsible for all of Aron Can's biggest singles.

Notable Beats: Fullir vasar, ÍNÓTT, Eftir 12 ...

6. Beatmachinearon

Roses was recently picked up by Majestic Casual on Youtube. 

Notable Beats: Roses, drifting, moonlight ...


Formerly known as Basic-B, BLKPRTY takes credit for Kilo's Trap Out and Reykjavíkurdætur's Reppa heiminn.

Notable Beats: Trap Out, Reppa heiminn, Way Up (Remix) ...

4. H. Bridde

Hermann Bridde is best known for his work with Shades of Reykjavík and Elli Grill. Recently, he's also been collaborating with Alvia.

Notable Beats: Elegant Hoe, Múffan, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ...

3. Eva 808

Based out of Sweden, Eva 808 mostly produces Grime.

Notable Beats: You Don't, Prrrr, Down Like Dat ...

2. Young Nazareth & Logi Pedro

Tied for second; Young Nazareth and Logi Pedro are a force to be reckoned with. 

Notable Beats: Joey Cypher (Nazareth), Time (Nazareth & Pedro), Leap of Faith (Pedro) ...

1. BNGR BOY (Marteinn)

In a conversation about Icelandic beats, it's hard not to mention BNGR Boy. 

Notable Beats: Kalla mig hvað, Meira, Sólsetrið ...

S/O to Smjörvi, Krabba Mane, Pusswhip, Alfreð Drexler, Ice Starr, ICY G, Hlandri, Joe Frazier, B-Ruff, Fonetik.